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Học tiếng Anh: Cậu bé 5 tuổi chỉ huy hợp xướng


Đáp án phần 1

– Man, you’re a …(1)…good-looking kid, man. Do you have any ideas what those …(2)…eyes are gonna do for you?

– Yes.

– So, let me ask you something. Why are you so …(3)…famous?

– Because I’m on TV. I’ve been on TV for a lot of years.

– You’ve been on TV for a lot of years?

– Yeah.

– Are you on Youtube?

– Yes.

– Twitter?

– I’m not on no Twitter. No, not on Twitter.

– Okay. Now, let me ask you a …(4)…couple more questions. Are you a worship …(5)…leader?

– Yes.

– Of the whole …(6)…church?

– Yes, because my paw-paw is here.

– Your paw-paw is here?

– Yes.

– That’s your …(7)…granfather?

– Yes. Paw-paw, stand up. Come on! Come on! Yeah, come on! Come on! Yeah! And that’s who …(8)…teach me how to sing.

– That’s who – you ain’t got to do that. This mike works. We got …(9)…good mikes.

– I know, I know.

– Y’all got that RadioShack mike down at the church. This mike pick up everything. Let me ask you something. So, paw-paw…

– Yes.

– What does he do at the church?

– He …(10)…sings.

– He …(10)…sings, too?

– Yes.

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